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When Google Ads Isn't Working, Try These Alternative Marketing Strategies

Google Ads is Google's advertising platform, and it's one of the most efficient methods to acquire targeted visitors to your landing sites. Advertisers who utilize Google Ads pay per click (PPC) ads pay a fee to have their adverts, services, or product listings displayed to online users inside the Google ad network. You may be dissatisfied if you receive a rejection from Google AdWords on occasion. Google decides whether or not your ads are approved based on the policies.

Reasons Why Your AdWords Ad Was Disapproved

Google may disapprove your advertisements based on existing regulations, and the new policies will also have an impact on ad acceptance. The following are possible reasons:

  • Copyrighted content: You cannot use someone else's content in your ad. Google will remove or reject your ad if copyright concerns are discovered. The copy content is, without a doubt, the most significant component.
  • Providing false information about your identity or qualifications: Google will reject false claims, assertions, or licences because they would mislead users. Make sure you're telling the truth about yourself.
  • Broken landing pages: If your ad's landing page is broken, Google may remove it from the search results. Make sure your landing page isn't broken or in the process of being built.
  • Mismatch between the display URL and the destination URL's root domain: The root domain must match the display URL, according to Google's standards. Otherwise, your ad may be turned down.
  • Excessive use of exclamation points or punctuation: Exclamation marks in the ad headline and several exclamation points in the ad content should be avoided. The more aroused you are, the more likely the ad will be rejected.
  • Embarrassing content: Google may reject and remove your ad if it contains adult-oriented content, gambling, counterfeit goods, dangerous products (such as pyrotechnics), or objectionable content.
  • Claims that you are the best: If you claim that your company is the best or number one on its own, it is likely to be rejected. Allow customers to choose who is the best.
  • All caps: Your ad may be removed if it contains all CAPS words rather than any codes.
  • Click here: Some texts, such as Click here, will be flagged right away, and the ad will be taken down.

Google also discourages the following:

  • Irrelevant promotions, such as a title that does not match the ad text.
  • Payment details and mode of payment are missing, as are authentic contact data.
  • Fake offers and deals that are currently unavailable or are not authentic.
  • The domain comprises multiple business details.
  • Advertisement destinations that employ "phishing" tactics.

When Google Ads Isn't Working, Try These Alternative Marketing Strategies

Although Google Ads is the most popular and effective way to execute PPC campaigns, there are other possibilities as well. In the event that your ad is rejected or removed by Google, these will come in handy. Bing Ads Bing Ads are a viable alternative to Google ads, despite the fact that many people overlook their relevance. The key benefits of employing Bing advertisements are that there is less competition and that they are less expensive than Google ads. Bing presents the ad URL in the same way that Google does, and Bing highlights the URL as well. Bing allows you to add a description section that is 80 characters long. When it comes to affiliate marketing ads, Bing ads are the best option. Instagram Ads Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms, and as more people use the platform, more advertising opportunities become accessible. Instagram ads are ideal for promoting lifestyle products and influencers. The biggest benefit is that we may present our advertisements as interesting stories, photographs, movies, and so on. We can target clients based on their geography, interests, demographics, and other factors. Facebook Ads Facebook is a popular social media network used by individuals all over the world and has been for many years. We get a lot of new clients, and it's a terrific alternative for any type of advertisement. We use Facebook to gather information about people's preferences and interests, making it easier to target potential clients. Facebook is the most popular social media site for digital marketing, and it's ideal for algorithmic targeting. LinkedIn Ads LinkedIn makes more professional marketing simple and is suggested for B2B marketing. The majority of business professionals use LinkedIn, which is useful for targeting people based on their job and industry. AdRoll For retargeting and remarketing campaigns, AdRoll is suggested. AdRoll covers over 500 advertising networks, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Outbrain, and Taboola. The most important elements of AdRoll are AI predictions and sophisticated tracking. Reddit Ads Reddit is a thriving and intelligent community that discusses a variety of topics. Customers can be targeted with customised and sponsored adverts on Reddit, specifically on subreddits. Reddit only allows one advertisement per subreddit. Twitter Ads Another way to identify influencers and business people is to use Twitter. Twitter is obviously a strong alternative for B2B marketing. Twitter allows us to target hot topics, events, and other things using hashtags. BuySellAds It facilitates the connection between website publishers and marketers. Advertisers may monitor the numbers and easily purchase ad spots, while publishers can list their sites. BuySellAds are typically selected for high-quality sites, especially in the internet and tech categories, due to their unique characteristics. You are not required to use Google advertisements exclusively, and there are other alternatives to Google ads. You should not be frustrated by Google's ad rejection. Choose the finest solutions for reaching users that aren't reachable through Google Ads. Prioritizing Google Ads over other Marketing Practices is, nonetheless, a brilliant concept. And if your ads are rejected or removed by Google, don't be afraid to switch to another advertising platform that better suits your needs.